We believe manufacturing can lead the way - when it's local, innovative and inclusive. To nurture the green shoots of recovery, the Beier Group is relying on the same values that have shaped our business for over 90 years.

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"Even in our darkest hour, we must look to these green shoots of renewal."
President Cyril Ramaphosa

BEIER Group of Companies

Beier Group is a forward-looking innovator and manufacturer in the technical textiles and personal protective equipment industries. Our manufacturing mix includes environmental filtration products, technical and industrial textiles, medical devices and advanced wound-care, PVC and PU coated materials, as well as personal protective equipment and occupational health and safety services.

Closing the gender gap with women-specific safety wear

The Beier Group has long been an advocate of gender equality. Our aim is to increase opportunities for women in typically male-dominated industries and truly close the gender gap. In 2008, Beier Safety Footwear were first to market with the Sisi brand, which delivers a holistic approach to safety wear for women.

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Supporting small businesses during COVID-19 and beyond

Entrepreneurs are the driving force that moves South Africa forward. This is something the Beier Group has always understood – along with the fact that enterprises big and small are mutually dependant on each other, and both vital to the country’s prosperity. This is why Beier has been so active in helping struggling small enterprises […]

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Beier Group’s local innovation helps South Africa mask up

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses the world over to adapt and evolve. Millions of companies, including ours, have been quick to pivot from ‘business as usual’ – not only to ensure business continuity, but also because they feel called upon to contribute to the fight against this virus by providing the market with critical […]

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