Our People

Investing in our people is essential to our business. Whether it’s cutting-edge technical training, skills-building programmes or leadership mentoring, we want to empower the people at Beier to reach their full potential.

PIVOT programmes for youth empowerment

The Beier Group is committed to empowering South Africa’s young people and removing the obstacles they face when seeking gainful employment. Our four member companies have collectively invested almost R10 million since 2017 in various PIVOTAL (professional, vocational, technical and academic learning) programmes to develop much-needed skills, and to ensure our country’s vast pool of young talent is not wasted. In this period, more than 170 young people have benefited from our initiatives.

Our initiatives in this area are strategic: the investment we make is about developing a talent pipeline first and foremost into our companies, but also elsewhere in the South African economy. The effectiveness of our approach is reflected in the absorption rate of learners and trainees into our businesses – we currently employ almost 98.5% of the youth who complete the various PIVOT programmes we support.

Education for succession planning

Meet Zama Khanyile, the Head of Production Design at Beier Envirotec. After awarding Zama a full bursary to study towards a degree in Chemical Engineering, we carefully aligned her studies with our succession planning.

In assuming her role following extensive job shadowing, Zama replaced more than 40 years of product-design experience when her predecessor retired, instantly making her a vital member of our team. She is currently working towards her Professional Registration as an Engineer (PREng) under the mentorship of Beier Envirotec’s Managing Director, Warren Sachs.

We take this strategically coordinated approach with all the beneficiaries of our R3-million study and skills development programme. Investing in individuals like Zama is investing in us, so that together we can empower more people.

Breaking barriers for people with disabilities

We are passionate about people and actively transform disabilities into opportunities.

The Beier Group currently employs several black individuals living with disabilities, the majority of whom are hearing impaired. Acknowledging that these employees have unique practical and safety requirements in the workplace, we have invested close to R1.8 million to adapt our factory and to provide reasonable accommodation and training opportunities for them.

Our initiatives to date include:

  • An emergency light system to supplement our emergency sirens
  • Shop floor sensitisation and awareness sessions
  • Reducing communication to writing
  • Appointing sign language interpreters for meetings and training workshops
  • Engaging a special-needs training provider to facilitate our in-house Accredited Learnership Programmes and amending the assessment criteria for these employees

We will continue to invest in our colleagues, whose contribution to the business remains invaluable.